17th August 2023

Navigating Troubled Waters: Practical Strategies for Safeguarding Your Business from Financial Crisis

In the changing landscape of business operations, when the tide of bills surpasses turnover, the situation can quickly take on the ominous label of ‘trading whilst insolvent.’ Such a scenario brings the daunting challenge of […]
21st June 2023

Exploring prioritisation of payments when a company enters Administration or Liquidation

Undoubtedly, you’ve found yourself searching for answers to the question, “When a company goes into liquidation, who gets paid first?” Fortunately, you’ve come across this unique resource. When a business enters into a formal insolvency […]
29th March 2023

Government starts fresh crackdown on Covid loan fraud

A new law will make it easier for tax authorities to investigate and prosecute directors that fraudulently claimed government support during the coronavirus pandemic. The Rating (Coronavirus) and Directors Disqualification (Dissolved Companies) Act could also […]