IVA fees and costs explained

Nominee’s Fee

In respect of matters up to and including the appointment, our fees (excluding expenses), known as the “Nominees’ fees” will be between £1,000 to £2,000 depending on the level of work required by this office. Although these fees are agreed by you, they are ultimately subject to approval by the creditors when they consider your proposal and any amount not settled from funds already in our hands will be drawn from first realisations under the IVA. If your proposal is rejected and we do not already have sufficient funds in hand to pay our fees, we will write off the balance and you will not have any more to pay. The Nominee, or a member of his team, will interview you and collect information about your income and expenditure and assets and liabilities. We will advise you about the available options to deal with your circumstances and will assist in drafting a proposal to put to your creditors for approval. The Nominee will seek a decision from creditors to consider approving your proposal and administer the decision procedure. This work is necessary to enable you to address your financial problems and propose a voluntary arrangement. Some of the work is required by statute and regulatory guidance, but it directly contributes to the commercial offer that you will make to your creditors. This shows that the fee to be paid to the Nominee is a fair and reasonable reflection of the work to be carried out.

Supervisor’s Fee

Our fees for acting as the Supervisor of your IVA will be calculated on a percentage basis and these will not total more than 15% of assets realised by us as Supervisor. Assets can include monthly voluntary contributions and, if you are a homeowner, equity from your property. The basis of our fees will be subject to approval by the decision of creditors and will be drawn as a first charge out of realisations made under the arrangement from time to time. The Supervisor’s main task is to administer the arrangement. The Supervisor will monitor and collect your contributions, conduct periodic reviews of your income and expenditure, issue reports when required by statute, deal with creditor claims and make distributions, and if you are a homeowner, deal with any equity release provisions. This work is necessary to administer the voluntary arrangement. Some of the work is required by statute and regulatory guidance, but it will contribute to the payment of the agreed dividends to your creditors and the conclusion of the arrangement. This shows that the fee paid to the Supervisor is a fair and reasonable reflection of the work to be carried out.


These are costs paid by this firm to third party companies for various costs and expenses of administering the arrangement and will typically include software licences, insurances, and registrations that are required as part of the arrangement. These may also include payments made for the provision of additional services to provide the best return for your creditors.

Typically, the expenses of an IVA equate to an average of £800 per case, however, this is subject to individual circumstances and could vary.

All accrued fees and expenses are paid before any payment is made to your creditors.

Details about how an office holder’s fees may be approved for each case type are available in a series of guides issued with Statement of Insolvency Practice 9 (SIP 9) and can be accessed at the resources section of this website. Alternatively, a hard copy may be requested by calling our office.

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    • Natasha R
      I would like to thank Sarah and her team for all the hard work they have put into helping me sort my finances out once and for all. Without this IVA I would still be struggling every month trying to make ends meet. I received nothing but an efficient polite service every time I spoke to a member of your team and I'm so very grateful. Thank you so much.
      Natasha R
    • MT
      Before I came to Umbrella.UK Insolvency I was in a bad place mentally due to debt because I believed I would be in my current situation for a long time to come. Umbrella Insolvency walked me through my options and helped me pick the best one. I am genuinely amazed at what they managed to do for me and can now afford to live comfortably, and without the constant worry of debt looming over me.
    • L Smart
      I would like to say a very big "Thank You" to your lady on the telephone this morning who helped me start getting my life sorted and debts managed. So thank you "Sarah" great help... thank you again.
      L Smart
    • DH
      I engaged Tom to arrange an IVA for me after I ran into financial difficulties as a result of the closure of my company. He introduced me to Sarah and both of them as a team worked tirelessly through Lockdown to get the best outcome for me and my family. Both Sarah and Tom were patient, thorough and incredibly compassionate for our situation. They attained the best outcome for us and I couldn't speak more highly of them. Thank you to you both, Amazing work.
    • NP
      Thank you very much for your assistance in a successful proposal. We are ever so grateful as this is a chance to transform our lives; or rather you have given us a second chance to have our lives in order. Thank you for your patience and perseverance throughout that you showed.
    • Paul G
      Thank you so much for your help with my IVA. As an ex-company Director my life took a downward spiral when creditors from my liquidated company called upon my personal guarantees. I had been treading water for months, ran up credit card debts and borrowed from family. When a creditor instigated bankruptcy proceedings against me I thought I was going to lose my house. I contacted Umbrella.UK Insolvency who stopped all the phone calls and threatening letters. Umbrella Insolvency explained things in a way I could understand. They negotiated with creditors and my IVA went through, now I can sleep at night again and I kept my home. Thomas Fox was extremely knowledgeable and I truly thank him and his team.
      Paul G