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Umbrella.UK is one of the North West’s leading Insolvency Practitioners providing director-led insolvency options to company directors who need expert help to either rescue or close their business.
Whatever scenario your business is facing, we will provide expert advice that you can trust to help you move forward.

Why choose Umbrella.UK Insolvency?

Umbrella.UK Insolvency Business Closure Business Rescue

FREE, no obligation, non-judgmental and professional advice within 24 hours.

We will help you move forward with an insolvency solution that is best for you.*
Umbrella.UK Insolvency Business Closure Business Rescue

Director led involvement so you will benefit from a high level of expertise every step of the way.

Overseeing Umbrella.UK Insolvency, Tom Fox has more than 20 years of experience in personal and corporate insolvency practice. He is a member of the Insolvency Practitioners Association (IPA) and Association of Business Recovery Professionals (R3).
Umbrella.UK Insolvency Business Closure Business Rescue

100% confidential and dependable.

Get honest advice you can trust. We prioritise clear, honest communication without blinding you with technical jargon.
Umbrella.UK Insolvency Business Closure Business Rescue

Nationwide Service.

Our friendly team offers nationwide accessible advice and support by phone, in-person or online.
Umbrella.UK Insolvency Business Closure Business Rescue

We can take your stress and worries away.

With a broad range of skills and experiences, your insolvency solution is in good hands with Umbrella.UK Insolvency.

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You can depend on us to close your solvent or insolvent company quickly with minimum stress.

Business Closure Umbrella.UK Insolvency


You are in good hands. We can provide options you can trust to successfully move forward.

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Our experts will give you advice you can depend on. Whether your business is experiencing financial difficulty or you need to close your company, it's hard to know which way to turn. We will help you navigate your options, providing 100% confidential, clear guidance and support every step of the way.

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    *We don’t charge for an initial consultation, but it may lead to an insolvency solution where our pre-appointment costs are reimbursed as part of the fee structure that creditors approve.

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